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This February, BabyPawsBlinds will celebrate its first year of helping home owners by creating the space they desire with beautiful BabyPaws blinds, wallpapers and shutters. They are easy to install and has variety in colours, shapes and sizes. Customization is at hand. All the services are provided with great professionalism.


BabyPaws offers Franchise Partners:



  • Be your own boss with industry developing leaders.

  • A proven history and local recognition as leaders in quality and retail services.

  • Best advertised and assured weekly flyers delivered to the homes in local area.

  • A simple and cost effective “owner operator” labour model.

  • A complete franchise package with comprehensive training and effective hands on, onsite support by experienced associates.

  • Minimum investment required.

  • No inventory stock needed.



How to become a Franchise Partner:


The Process:


Step 1: Complete the “Inquire Now” form and we will connect with you within three business days of your enquiry.


Step 2: We want to get to know you better! The next step involves a series of phone interviews and in-person interviews, a personality assessment, credit and legal checks (financial verification and disclosure is required in all provinces of Canada and other countries. 


Step 3:  Once the financial check and selection criteria is confirmed and approval is granted, the Franchise Agreement is created and Training is scheduled.  Successful completion of the training program is the final element to our Franchise Partner Approval Process.


Selection Criteria for BabyPawsBlinds Franchise Partners: 


We have tremendous respect for the entrepreneurial spirit and strive to give all candidates proper consideration. By conducting a series of qualification steps, we are looking for candidates who not only meet the financial requirements of the opportunity, but also have the following attributes:


  • Passion for the BabyPawsBlinds concept, corporate values and inspiration.

  • Established roots in the community where the future store is to be located.

  • Team and community-mindedness with a track-record of successfully managing or leading a team.

  • A strong work ethic and commitment to giving their full time and attention to their BabyPawsBlinds business.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


Current Franchise Opportunity: 



Toronto GTA 






Auckland (New Zealand)

Queensland (Australia)
Melbourne (Australia)

Sydney (Australia)

New York (USA) 

California (USA)


Investment for a Franchised Location



This is an opportunity to obtain a new BabyPawsBlinds location with an established reputation and good quality finished which is good to retail. Purchase price for one location is minimum of one time fee $15000/-. In this one-time fees,  we will help you with initial marketing and advertisement by various means and help you get started in your city or town.

Fill Out the Form For More Information

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